Ivy Green - S/T (2016 Reissue)



Last year Pseudonym presented the reissue of Dutch punk-veterans’ the Speedtwins debut (and only) LP “It’s More Fun To Compete”, at the bi-annual record fair in Utrecht, The Netherlands. And, as it seems now, this will be an annual ritual. Because not only did Pseudonym released the second volume of the “I Don’t Care” compilation (more on that in another review), but just as the Speedtwins accompanied “I Don’t Care” volume one, the label reissued another crackin’ debut album, the classic self-titled LP by Ivy Green!


Originally released in 1978, and ever since reissued and / or bootlegged on several occasions, this official reissue on red vinyl (250 copies), transparent ivy green vinyl (250 copies) and CD is still much needed. The prices of 2011’s 1977 Records’ (Japan) reissue flipped almost instantly and an original, 38 year old edition is unthinkable for  most ‘non-vinyl collecting’ punks out there. So despite that the last official reissue wasn’t even that long ago, Pseudonym did a good job at dusting this one off again and I must add, the result is simply amazing!


Not only does the classic, raucous ’77-punk of Ivy Green sound more crisp and clear than ever before, the original tapes were used for remastering the album, the packaging looks stunning as well! Whether you pick up one of the vinyl versions or the CD-version (I happen to have both), you won’t be disappointed. The liner-notes by music journalist Swie Tio, the many photographs, the thick, gatefold sleeve of the vinyl  version or the robust digipak that holds the CD, you really feel that Pseudonym put in the works to make this reissue the next best thing to own, besides an original copy of course! Recommended!