Kaleko Urdangak – Nortasuna

Tough Ain’t Enough Records


Earlier this year I was introduced to Basque outfit Kaleko Urdangak through a self-titled EP and the “Biolentzia 1984” 7” – both released through Tough Ain’t Enough Records. A very positive introduction, that definitely made me anxious to hear their (at the time, upcoming) LP “Nortasuna” – of which the latter of the two EP’s was a promo for. Now the time is there and it was well worth the wait!


Again released through Tough Ain’t Enough Records, “Nortasuna” features a total of ten tracks, including the two songs “Iheslari” and “Bolentzia 1984” from the aforementioned 7”. As said, the album was well worth the wait, reaches the expectations Kaleko Urdangak built up with their earlier releases of this year and therefor doesn’t disappoint at all!


Because despite that I still don’t understand a single word of what is being sung, all songs are being delivered with a ton of power, energy and melody, making sure you’ll be singing along anyway! But what else could you expect with such anthemic choruses? The sing-alongs are massive and extremely catchy, yet full of aggro – making this a killer LP from start to finish!


With “Nortasuna”, “EEE”, “Santa Ageda”, “Biolentzia 1984”, “Amari”, “Benetakoak” and more, the Basques blare out one hit after another – just to make sure you’ll be flipping this record over and over again! If you like your Oi! music exotic, this is a must and available on limited red transparent vinyl (100 copies) and regular black vinyl (200 copies) – excellent!