Kaleko Urdangak – Kaleak Sutan

Tough Ain’t Enough Records

Formed way back in 2011, it wasn’t until a year or three ago when Basque outfit Kaleko Urdangak started to get more active – really active that is! Since 2018 the band has unleashed six records total already, including its latest EP “Kaleak Sutan” earlier this year! Time for a review!

Although released by Tough Ain’t Enough Records at the end of May (2020) already, a second press was produced more recently. This because the 300 copies of the first run (100 on orange vinyl and 200 on black vinyl) became scarce quickly, so 300 more copies got pressed and this time around they’re all on black vinyl. As a bonus the second edition includes a nice little postcard you can send to your parents or grandparents – or keep for yourself of course!

But all pressings and postcards aside, it’s obviously the music that counts and Kaleko Urdangak just keeps on getting more and more brilliant with every release they put out! Besides title-track “Kaleak Sutan”, this EP ‘only’ features two more songs – namely “Zipaio” and “Boga-Boga” – but it’s a massive 7” nonetheless! Not just because it clocks well over eleven minutes, but also because every anthem on this slab of wax is big, super catchy and well thought out – easily making this record some of their best work to date!

Therefor this is an easy pick up for fans of Kaleko Urdangak and the perfect timing to jump on the wagon if you never heard of these guys before. Because if you like melodic Oi! and streetpunk with massive choruses, you will definitely love these guys!