Kapø Blöd - On Sera Là...

Crom Records / Maloka / Trauma Social / General Strike / Kick Your Asso


I got familiar with Bordeaux’s streetpunk outfit Kapø Blöd through their split EP with Canadian troublemakers King Cans, released in 2017 by Crom Records and LSC Records. The two songs - “J’Nettoie La France” and “Drink’n’Destroy” - definitely tasted like more and more was instantly provided with the “Sans Espoir” EP, released through their Bandcamp page - though the songs never got released on vinyl... until now that is!


Because with the release of “On Sera Là...” the four songs that were originally on the “Sans Espoir” EP finally - after nearly two years - got their release on vinyl. It was perhaps a bit unfortunate at the time that the mentioned EP was never pressed on a 7”, but in hindsight it was all for the better. Because where the “Sans Espoir” EP sounded demo-ish and poorly mastered - if mastered at all - “On Sera Là...” pops out of your speakers with sheer power, delivering an explosive mix of French streetpunk and Oi!-punk, both razor sharp and catchy as hell!


Besides the four previously released, but re-recorded songs - “Sans Espoir”, “Salaire De Misère”, “Trop D’Accummulation” and “Karkass”, “On Sera Là...” also includes five all new songs and a cover of Criminals Damage’s “Connerie” - which originally appeared on the superb, second volume of the “Chaos En France” series. I guess the latter also gives you some insight on Kapø Blöd’s influences for their premiere LP, because aside of the fact that the production and mastering have 2019 written all over them, the band’s music sounds like it was written in the early to mid 80’s with French bands like Kidnap, Brain-Wash, Camera Silens, No Class and obviously Criminals Damage coming to mind - love it!


Therefor I am not sure why it had to take a grand total of five labels to release and distribute 500 copies. Sure, the band is still fairly unknown and doesn’t necessarily feature your familiar French faces - though you’ll surely remember them once you the classic, tattooed faces of Kapø Blöd’s members - but this surely is a must-hear for fans of that superb French Oi! and punk sound!