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Kapo Blöd / King Cans – 1312 (Split EP)

LSC Records / Crom Records


“1312” is the title of both Kapo Blöd’s and King Cans’ first ever split EP and release on vinyl. Sure, the King Cans were already featured on the “This Is Montreal” compilation 7” for Aggrobeat and Baldy Sound Records, but despite that, we are dealing with a set of new, hungry bands on this slab of wax for LSC and Crom Records!


First up are Kapo Blöd. Hailing from Bordeaux (France), this split EP is their debut, though a 7” of their own is in the works as well. Sung in French, “J’nettoie La France” and “Drink ‘N’ Destroy” both deliver some faster-paced, sing-along (street)punk in the vein of fellow countrymen like Charge 69 and Néophyte. Two cool, energetic tunes that taste like more. Fortunately their upcoming EP “Sans Espoir” is already available through their Bandcamp page, so I instantly got what I asked for.


Up next are the Canadians of the King Cans. Heavier, tougher and more Oi!-influenced than their counterparts on the flipside, the Montrealers stomp their way through “Not Dead Yet” and “Loser”. Growly vocals and heavy sing-alongs on wreckin’ soundtrack have been the recipe for the King Cans since their first, 2016 demo and these two songs are definitely their best work to date. Therefore I hope that their own, first EP will follow soon as well!


So if you are up for some new, French streetpunk and have been wondering what those skinheads in the far north been up to, then check this EP out!

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