Kidz Next Door – Serious

Different Class Records

Now here’s a fun and apparently unreleased single by the Kidz Next Door, a short lived, British punk/powerpop formation that formed in the very late 70’s and disbanded themselves in the very early 80’s after releasing just one single - “What’s It All About?”. The band, featuring Jimmy Pursey’s younger brother Robbie on vocals, recorded a second single though and now, 40(!) years after its recordings in 1980, this 45 is finally released by Portuguese label Different Class Records.

Entitled “Serious”, this slab of wax comes on either black, green or red vinyl and features the track “I’m Alright Jack” on the B-side. Kidz familiar with these – at the time – rebel rousing teenagers, obviously recognize the song-titles, as they previously been released on collected works of the band released by Rave Up Records on LP and 1977 Records on CD, but never how they were initially intended to be released – until now obviously.

Because looking at the artwork of their debut single “What’s It All About”, “Serious” now has the same, uniform style – giving you the idea it would have probably looked like this as well when it would have been released in 1980 – making it a neat little record with an extremely catchy sound, making you wish that the band would have never called it a day, or at least a few years, singles and albums later!

Now it’s good to see that this release is being restored to its intended release and especially the colored vinyl, being limited to 100 copies each, is a must for collectors. But the casual fan that already owns either one of the aforementioned compilations won’t find anything new on here. Nonetheless Different Class Records did a great job at bringing this 45 to live!