KNIGHTZZ - Demo 2015



You guys ready for some more of that Italian madness? Because this time around it’s KNIGHTZZ from the north of Italy, the Veneto region to be more precise, that brings you the ‘medieval-fuckin’-stomp’ from the boot of Europe on their first, self-released, demo!


After their raw promo from a month earlier, this Italian hardcore stallion goes for a full-scale assault on their debut demo! Rapidly and foremost violently, busting out an intro, an outro and seven songs in between, in little over nine and a half minutes , these KNIGHTZZ sharpened their swords and definitely go for the kill on this release!


Unfortunately KNIGHTZZ’ demo is only available online at the moment (at least I think so), but I sure hope it will drop on cassette (or a 7” for that matter) as well, as should you if you are into UK or Massachusetts stompers like Arms Race, The Flex, Boston Strangler and Chain Reaction!