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Knock Off – Like A Kick In The Head

Self-released (CD) / Step-1 Music and Longshot Music (LP)


Some bands seem to have all the trouble in the world to release a full-length album every few years, or even at all. Not Knock Off though. These British lads only formed four years ago (September 2013), but recently released their third album “Like A Kick In The Head” on CD (by themselves), but a vinyl version by Step-1 Music (Europe) and Longshot Music (USA) is just around the corner!


Of course I always prefer quality over quantity, but if you can deliver both – even better! And Knock Off definitely delivers on “Like A Kick In The Head”. Raw, yet ultra-catchy streetpunk is the band’s trademark and due to its uncomplicated sound and lyrics, songs like “Are You Offended?”, “On The Road”, “You Sold Our Glory”, “Industry Of War” and “1918” are instantly stuck in your head for the remainder of the day. Geared up with a ton of energy, their mix of fast-paced streetpunk and hefty sing-alongs keeps on improving with every record, easily making “Like A Kick In The Head” their best work to date!


My favorites off the album are perhaps also the most personal songs off the album, namely “This Ain’t A Love Song” and “Only Way Out”. Heartache and pain always do great when it’s packed with a punch and strong melodies and that is exactly what Knock Off brings on both of these tracks. Accompanied by Andy T’s excellent, melodious vocals (that got a bit of rasp to it), “Like A Kick In The Head” is food for fans of bands like Hateful, Epic Problem and Bishops Green, just to name a few.


If you haven’t checked these guys out yet, now just might be the right time! Especially if you like your streetpunk British, charged with passion and that comes in like a kick in the fuckin’ head!  

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