Knock Out – Tiempos Muertos Ritmos Immortales

Crom Records


Released back in 2017 already, it wasn’t until last week that I heard Knock Out’s sophomore album “Tiempos Muertos Ritmos Immortales” in its entirety for the first time. My bad obviously, because the follow-up to 2015’s debut album “Sin Vergüena”, released only by Crom Records this time around, is definitely one of those albums I wish I would have gotten my hands on earlier!


Now I’ve said it before – and I will probably say it again in the near future, but I can’t listen and/or own every single release out there, so I am grateful I get sent ‘care-packages’ from time to time by both bands and labels – and I am always a bit extra grateful when it contains such good records such as the second LP of this Madrilenian outfit! Because straight from the opening-track “Himno De Taberna” Knock Out grabs me by the throat with their powerful Rock ‘n’ Oi! sound, not planning on letting me loose anytime soon!


Despite Knock Out’s strong, stomping sound, my favorite track of this LP is undoubtedly “En Las Sombras” – a slow and long (it nearly ticks the five-minute mark), melancholic powerhouse with a roaring guitar solo and acoustic outro that definitely puts the rock in Rock ‘n’ Oi! – love it! Obviously I love the remaining tracks as well, and with nine tracks total there is plenty to love right here. The sound of “Tiempos Muertos Ritmos Immortales” is extremely tight and strong, while the mean, raspy lead-vocals, the massive back-up vocals and killer melodies do the rest – superb indeed!


Fortunately there are still copies available though, so if you didn’t pick this one up before – now is the time! Aside of Knock Out’s boisterous anthems, pressed on solid white vinyl, both the sleeve and fold-out inner sleeve includes some deathly good artwork.