Kombatants - Gu£dgräver€n

Shout Proud Records


After two self-released promo’s in 2011 and 2012, 2013 was a pretty good year for the Swedish outfit Kombatants, as the band released both their first split CD (with Britain’s Bakers Dozen) and their debut full-length album “Ruck ‘N’ Oi!” for Pretty Shitty Town Records. Release-wise 2014 was a slow year, but now the Swedes are back with some hot new wax for Germany’s Shout Proud Records!


Now if you are familiar with the label you know you have to act fast, because once again Kombatants “Gu£dgräver€n” EP is limited to just 150 copies. 100 copies are on black vinyl and the remaining 50 copies are on orange vinyl (and very few include black smears which can be considered as a ‘pressing error’, but it actually makes them look great), so those will be gone before you know it!


But you definitely want to play this collectable item too, because Kombatants first-ever release fully in Swedish contains some great tunes as well! Three out of the four tracks are brand new, but the band also re-recorded “Hooligans Law” in their native tongue, is now entitled “Huliganens Lag”, but is still rockin’ as hard as ever! Something that could be said about “Guldgrävaren” (with a little ska rhythm in it), “Tomma Blickar” and “Termiter” as well, as the Kombatants deliver hard and solid Rock ‘n’ Oi! from up North on their first ever piece of vinyl!