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Komintern Sect – Des Jours Plus Durs Que D’Autres

Contra Records / Euthanasie Records

Formed in 1981, split up in 1987, became legendary in the decades that followed and reformed in 2014 to do it all over again! Of course I am talking about Komintern Sect, one of France’s premier Oi! bands who delivered several highly appreciated classics in the early to mid-80’s, while contributing to memorable compilations that would define generations of fans and bands to come – legendary indeed!

Therefor a comeback can be tricky, because can the band in question live up to the expectations or will it destroy its reputation? Will they only be leaning on their glory days or are they going to produce new music as well and if they do, will they outdo their blasts from the past? Is that even possible?! Well, it can always go either way of course, but Komintern Sect is most definitely on the right side of the scale with its fantastic shows, their strong first effort in 30 years with 2016’s mini-LP “D’Une Même Voix” and now – seven years after the band’s reformation – with the all new full-length album “Des Jours Plus Durs Que D’Autres”!

And of course you want to know if it’s good, so I’ll cut to the chase and tell you that it is. No wait, it’s not just ‘good’, “Des Jours Plus Durs Que D’Autres” is Komintern Sect’s best work since their reformation and quite brilliant in general! Only time will tell if this album van achieve the same status as the band’s releases of the 80’s, but the potential is definitely there! Because Komintern Sect isn’t your typical washed-out, reformed band, but an outfit that still bursts with fire and energy, delivering powerful anthems with killer melodies and a massive wall of sound that can blast away the Eiffel Tower in a second! So yeah, it’s not ‘just’ good – it’s ‘that’ good, a must-have you’ll play over and over again, just like me.

A sublime album that is available on either red vinyl (Contra Records) or black vinyl (and CD, Euthanasia Records) and comes out as a picture disc somewhere next year through LSM Vinyl. Brilliant!

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