Komintern Sect – Plus Fort Que Tout / Quand Meurent Les Légendes

Combate Brutal

Now I love myself some Komintern Sect! Hell – don’t we all?! But despite that I own all of the band’s releases, I never really realized that the band never released a single or EP! Not in the 80’s, not since their reformation in 2014 and not even some shady bootleg in between – damn! All this changed more recently of course – because why else would I be writing all of this – with the release of the band’s long awaited, first ever 7” – woah!

Now the bad news is, you won’t find anything new on this slab of wax! Both tracks, “Plus Fort Que Tour” and “Quand Meurent Les Légendes”, were previously released on respectively “Les Uns Sans Les Autres” and “Dernier Combat” in the exact same form. So yes, its been nearly five years now since Komintern Sect released something new and the wait is not over. Not yet at least.

But don’t you cry just yet – because the good news is that Combate Brutal released this little slab of wax! Made as both a thank you and as an ode or tribute to the legendary French band, the Portuguese label put in the work to make this a memorable record, still worth picking up no matter how many times these songs were previously released! Now picking it up might be a tough one since this pressing sold out in a heartbeat (sorry), but with just 200 copies pressed (all on black vinyl) this was highly expectable, especially since it was released with two different sleeves. So it’s likely to say that only around a 100 people own both versions and quite frankly – I can’t blame them!

Because as always it looks stunning! The different covers (both front and back) are superb, the silver on black ink shines brighter than ever before and the fold-out lyric sheet that contains the lyrics (obviously), old photographs and liner-notes by Komintern Sect’s front man Carl looks amazing. And wait, flip it around and you’ll have your very own mini-poster with a photo of either Carl or the whole band – all depending on which version you have! Love it!

So if you can still find yourself a copy – wherever, do not hesitate! These have only been released about a month ago and are already very collectible, just imagine how sought after these will be when the years pass by... Exactly.