Kong Kong – From Russia With Punk

Gorilla City Records


Sweden’s best kept secret is back! Straight from the cage to the stage come the primitive primates of Kong Kong, a mighty fine outfit that unleashed two superb EP’s upon us past year and who now, right before the year 2021 comes to an end, mark their return with another massive 7” for Gorilla City Records! Fuck yeah!


Entitled “From Russia With Punk”, the band delivers another round of four hard scorching tracks that have that typical Kong Kong sound, which is a completely unidentifiable sound to begin with! You know it’s harsh, crude and has thunderous vocals, but you also know it has those catchy guitar riffs, sweet organ melodies and female (back-up)vocals, which truly makes this a one of a kind band. The contrast is sometimes so big that it would look silly on paper, but in reality this is – once again – fairly brilliant!


Of course the surprise isn’t as big anymore as it was with last year’s “Raw And Primtive” and “The Evils Of Kong” EP’s, but despite that “From Russia With Punk” is most definitely Kong Kong’s best work to date! “Shoot The Moon”, “The Hospital”, “I Act Like I’m Tough”, “There Will Be Blood”… every song is perfect from start to finish, making this a must-have for all those gorilla punk fans out there!


Wisely enough Gorilla City Records pressed 400 copies of “From Russia With Punk” were pressed (opposed to the sold out 250 copies of both its predecessors), because the Swedish Silverbacks struck gold, making this slab of wax a no-brainer for anyone into barbaric noise with the sweetest melodies! Killer!