Kong Kong – The Evils Of Kong

Gorilla City Records


The King of Kongs – no not King Kong or Donkey Kong – is back! Just before the end of 2020, Swedish mystery rockers Kong Kong released their second (in general and of the year) EP “The Evils Of Kong” and long story short – it’s bananas! So time again to jump into that Gorilla Wear clobber (does anyone still wear that shit anyway?), unleash the primate in you and go apeshit!


Now Gorilla City can be a shady place, everyone knows that. But nonetheless Kong Kong emphasizes this in their track “Gorilla Skin”, just so you remember where they’re coming from – and why they sound like they do, vile, slow and dangerous. Or as the title of their debut EP - “Raw And Primitive”. A superb little record that I thought was perfect – until I heard “The Evils Of Kong”!


Because yes, I love that mid-paced, barbaric sound, but – as if these guys can read my mind – I love a little synth or organ and some female (guest)vocals in my music as well. And you probably guessed it already, but that is exactly what you’ll find back on “The Evils Of Kong”! Alongside ingenious melodies and that savage Silverback stomp – Kong Kong cranks out their best work to date with “Down With Me”, the aforementioned “Gorilla Skin”, “Empire” and “Here Comes The End” - brilliant!


If you asked me well over a year ago if gorilla punk would ever be a thing, I would have snicked. But the Swedes are proving everybody wrong – gorilla punk is forever and thanks to Kong Kong’s killer EP’s there will forever be gorilla punk! Now imagine being a little Chinese lady at a black jack table and shout along with me – KONG! KONG! KONG! KONG!