Konspiration – Framtid

Switchlight Records


Altough Konspiration can still be considered a new band, it has indeed been nearly three years since I first posted about these guys. At the time the Swedish duo – including Arthur Lindelöw of Agent Bulldog, Project 9, Avgå! and more – just rounded up the recordings of their demo (late 2017), while the recording of their debut EP would take place several months later (March 2018 to be more precise).


With the given information above, you could definitely say that the patience of these lads has been tested – but now, nearly two and a half years after their songs have been caught on tape, Konspiration’s debut “Framtid” is finally here, released on glorious 12” vinyl by the label that previously brought you Östra Aros, Hets, Avgå!, Lost Warning and more – Switchlight Records!


Now releases by Switchlight Records are scarce. In the past five years the label released an average of one record (either 7” or 12”) a year, but with that being said – Switchlight’s releases are always well worth your money and Konspiration’s debut was well worth the wait and an absolute must-have for fans of Sabotage, Gatans Lag and of course the mighty Agent Bulldog themselves!


Delivering six songs total, Konspiration stomps out a massive debut with “Framtid”, easily making it one of my favorite EP’s of 2020! Just like 99,9% of the other Swedish Oi! bands out there, this duo does not disappoint – simply because they crank out the right amount of power, melody and aggro on every single track! Bursting out of your speakers at 45 revolutions per minute, this definitely is one of those 12” records you keep on flipping over and over – thanks to killer tracks such as “Nu Får Du Tillbaks”, “Spirit & Rock ‘N’ Roll”, “Dömd” and “Tänk Dig Noga För”!


With just 200 copies pressed on black vinyl, Konspiration’s “Framtid” is a limited edition on it’s own that doesn’t need any fancy color variations or alternative sleeves – what you see is what you get and it rips! A lyric sheet with indeed just the lyrics (in Swedish) and no further information whatsoever, plus a nice glossy sleeve are included though, but enough talk... time to buy this fucker now!