La Inquisición – LVX

Contra Records / HFMN / LSM Vinyl


After a good demo, which was quickly picked up for a release on 7” vinyl, and a superb debut EP – “Verdadera Fe”, Barcelona’s own La Inquisición is ready for the next chapter! Entitled “LVX”, this – may I add, very anticipated – chapter, released by Contra Records, HFMN and LSM Vinyl, is the band’s first full-length to date and damn, it’s good!


In line with the aforementioned “Verdadera Fe”, the artwork and visuals used for “LVX” are very dark and mysterious, something that easily reflects into the band’s sound and lyrics as well. Especially songs like “Falsos Profetas”, “El Final”, “Redención” and “Verte Amanecer” have this sinister, grim feel to them, while sounding ridiculously catchy at the same time with their killer melodies, brilliant vocals and grand choruses! Impressive to say the least!


The number one hit on “LVX” is without a doubt “Rosa De Mort” though – a pure chartbuster! Reminding me of the first time I’ve heard CRIM’s “Castells De Sorra”, this is just one of those songs I want to hear over and over again. So if you know me, you already know what I did for half of the day… – indeed, listening to “Rosa De Mort” over and over again! That massive refrain is pure brilliance, what an anthem!


But aside of having a distinct favorite, “LVX” as a whole is pure excellence in every form! The visual aspect is killer, the sound superb and while the tracklist (and therefore the duration) of nine seemed a bit short at first, it’s also one of the reasons why I’ve had “LVX” on repeat all – fuckin’ – day! Get this, period.