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Laki & Järjestys – Uusi Aika

Hell’s Tone Records


Formed in the year 2020, Finnish outfit Laki & Järjestys (which translates to Law & Order) debuted a year later with a fine EP – entitled “Kuka Lystin Kustantaa?” - on Hell’s Tone Records. And although I received a copy of it at one point I never got to the point of reviewing it for which I apologize, especially after hearing the band’s full-length “Uusi Aika”!


Originally released during the summer, “Uusi Aika” (which translates to “New Beginning” or “New Times”) is now available on vinyl as well and both formats are – once again – released by Hell’s Tone Records. The original LP contains nine tracks, while the CD version contains the aforementioned debut EP and an extra bonus-track as well – namely “Idiootit” (which was only available digitally) – for a total of fourteen tracks!


But let’s focus on the original nine tracks of “Uusi Aika” for now, because with – or thanks to – that amount of songs the album clocks just under 25 minutes which is perfect in my book! Not too short, definitely not too long and all killer and no filler from start to ‘Finnish’! Because that’s right, as the band’s name and album’s title already suggests, every single word on this album is in Laki & Järjestys’ native tongue – even their take on Cock Sparrer’s “I Got Your Number” (“Pidä Varas!” - which definitely does not mean “I Got Your Number”) - and I love it!


Because despite that Finish is a tough language to understand as an outsider, it fits perfectly well with Laki & Järjestys’ killer tunes of Nordic Oi! mixed with catchy punk rock! With songs like “Rebellioniin Soittamaan”, “Liekki Palaa”, “Rintamamiestalo”, “Perjantaina Illalla” and “Taivaanranta” the band provides the perfect soundtrack for the coldest season of the year! So pull on the winter boots and strap on the snowshoes and play “Uusi Aika” loud!

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