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Lawmaker – All Work, No Class

Galbacken Records / No Bullshit And Live Records


Straight out of the USA and Sweden comes Lawmaker, an all new outfit that released two digital EP’s - “All Work, No Class”* and “Law Of The Land” - earlier this year, but who now combine both (and more!) EP’s on one LP for one hell of a full-length release!


Entitled “All Work, No Class”, this ten track scorcher is released by Galbacken Records and No Bullshit And Live Records and in all honesty, it’s quite impressive! It’s been a while since I last heard a solid, rock ‘n’ roll fused, working class streetpunk album that could hold my attention for more than a few tracks, but Lawmaker manages to do so from start to finish!


Although placed in a slightly different order, this full-length includes the aforementioned EP’s, plus the two new, previously unreleased tracks “Go!” and “Out Of Sight”. All combined the result is a superb record, delivering strong workers’ anthems with powerful melodies and striking choruses that will remain stuck in your head for days – love it!


So if you’re up for some top notch streetpunk, make sure you get yourself a copy of this LP! But do note, supplies are running dry – so act now, or be sorry later!


*The “All Work, No Class” EP was physically released by Oldschool Factory on cassette earlier this year and contains both regular and acoustic versions of the songs “Working Poor”, “You Cannot Stay”, “Lionhearted” and “All Work, No Class”.

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