Lazy Class – S/T

TNT Tunes (CD) / Contra Records (LP) / Tough Ain’t Enough (LP)


With several EP’s, splits and 2018’s full-length debut “Interesting Times” you can call Lazy Class anything but lazy! Even when the band’s line-up was incomplete the band just kept on practicing and writing new material with the possibility that it would never be used...


But guess again! Because the Polish lads are back with an all new line-up (Michal on bass and Javier on drums, while Slawek now plays guitar and does vocals) and quite frankly, the band sounds stronger than ever before! Especially the vocal department is far more rawer and aggressive than on any of the band’s previous releases – though I liked Eryk’s voice as well – which instantly upgrades Lazy Class’ sound, love it!


Because despite that Lazy Class is still as ultra-melodic as ever, this self-titled album definitely sounds far more fierce and powerful than any of the band’s previous releases. “One Of The Million” is an explosive opener and instantly sets the tone for the rest of the album that is stuffed with razor-sharp and highly contagious streetpunk that even has a track in Polish (“Pamietaj”) and Spanish (“Incapaz”)!


Undoubtedly the band’s best work to date, Lazy Class’ self-titled sophomore album is out now on CD through TNT Tunes and will come out on vinyl in a later stadium (the waiting time to get your vinyl released is horrifying, believe me) through Contra Records and Tough Ain’t Enough Records, but it will definitely be worth the wait!