Lebel – Passe A L’Assaut

HoM Records / Larron Productions


Out of Paris comes Lebel, a brand new outfit who just released their first demo cassette – “Passe A L’Assaut” – on the evenly new Larron Productions (Europe) and HoM Records (North America). I received a copy of both versions (thanks Bob), so time for a little review!


First thing that stands out is obviously the packaging and limitation of both label’s versions. Where HoM Records’ version is the most limited of the two (50 copies), it comes in your standard cassette-case, while Larron Productions’ is duplicated to a 100 copies, but comes in a fine looking, foldout cardboard case. Decisions, decisions...


Obviously the music (and the nice cover artwork) is the same on both editions and could best be described as rough and ready, French Oi! music. The production is raw and lo-fi, especially after you listened to a regular, fully mastered release prior, but the old-school demo sound has its charm nonetheless.


Musically Lebel still needs a bit of tweaking here and there, but the Parisians sound promising nevertheless! So go and grab yourself a copy before HoM, Larron or the band runs out of them.