Legion 76 – S/T (compilation)

Contra Records


If you haven’t heard (of) Legion 76 by now you must be turntable-less, coincidentally had no internet until today and this review happened to be the first thing you read or you have been living under a rock for the past two years. The latter two are probably most likely, but if you are one of the few without a record player (get with the time man, it’s 2017!), Contra Records provided the perfect solution to your weak excuses with the release of one handy compilation on a tiny CD featuring all of Legion 76’s recordings. At least most of them.


Containing tracks from the band’s demo, the “Brick And Bone” EP, the “Turning The Tide” split EP and their most recent 10” “Banners Fall”, this compact disc contains a total of 14 powerful hits and some of the best work I have personally heard in the last year or two. Because despite that I reviewed all mentioned releases before, I haven’t listened to the demo in a while (though I own four copies of it, don’t ask), but with this CD I was kindly (yet urgently) reminded how fuckin’ sick those recordings were, or how massive the anthem “Falling Tide” (off the “Brick And Bone” EP) was – and obviously still is!


And though I favored a few other releases over Legion 76’s most recent 10” “Banners Fall” in my yearlist of 2017, that doesn’t mean the quality of the legionnaires watered – hell no! The boys from Philly are still on top of the food chain of American Oi! with their hard-hitting, yet melodic strongholds and therefor an absolute must in everyone’s collection. Whether it be on the original slabs of wax, or this compilation CD. Get into them!