Les Vandales – Power



Both formed and disbanded in the mid-80’s, French hardcore-punk outfit Les Vandales is back. Reformed well over 30 years after its demise, original vocalist Arnaud collected a new squad of musicians around him in 2017 and – with several live shows in between – the first studio recordings since 1985 are here in the form of the “Power” EP!


Now in all honesty, I had to collect most of the information written above from the internet. Despite the several contributions to a variety of compilations and the release of the previously unreleased “Loup-Garou” EP in 2007 (originally meant to be released in 1986 through Jungle Hop International Records) and the “1st Demo 1984” 12” in 2010, Les Vandales never crossed my path – until now that is.


Self-released on CD (499 copies), 7” (299 copies) and cassette (a measly 20 copies), “Power” includes a total  four brand new recordings – namely “Blood”, “Zombies”, “Power” and “Eyes Without A Face”. Musically Les Vandales takes you back to the 80’s with a tight, straight-forward hardcore-punk (with the accent on punk) sound that rages on from start to finish! Nothing original, but fun to listen to nonetheless!


Besides the four tracks, the CD-version also includes a live-bonustrack of the song “Les Bombes”. The track - which originally appeared on the band’s 1984 demo – was recorded live in 2018 and rounds the CD up to a total of five tracks.