Lion's Law - From The Storm

Contra Records


Only a year after their smashing mini-album “Open Your Eyes”, Lion’s Law is back with another dose of Parisian madness! Set for release later this month (November, 2016), “From The Storm” showcases Lion’s Law in an absolute top-form, bursting out anthem after anthem on their, dare I say, best work to date!


No concessions were made during the recording of “From The Storm”, proven by its thunderous opener “Sons Of Oi!”! Immediately setting the tone for the rest of the album, the French go all out on melody and catchiness, without losing their power and aggression! As a matter of fact (well, not really, it's still my opinion), there is more aggro into Lion's Law sound than there ever was, making them sound stronger than before!


Musically the band is still developing rapidly. "Maxwell Murder"-esque / Rancid-alike bassloops (the intro on "With The Wolves", but especially the breakdown on "A Thousand Eyes"), a rock 'n' roll-ish kind of vibe alike "Rollin'" off the aforementioned "Open Your Eyes" ("Otherwise") and plenty of Oxymoron influences (in both sound and vocals) go hand in hand on "From The Storm", but above all... it's still 100% Lion's Law! Stronger and tighter, the band delivered a true powerhouse that is an absolute sing-along galore from start to finish!


Due to its melodies, intensity and catchy, anthamic choruses, there is not a single song on "From The Storm" that won't be stuck in your head after a spin or two. But there is always that one song... the one that you spontaneously start to sing anywhere, everywhere, and for me that is "Last Train Home". Simply sublime, and along with the earlier mentioned opening track my one of my two favorites off "From The Storm", stunning!


"We will never give it up. Even if time turns on the clock. We will live another day. The Sons of Oi! are here to stay!" And hopefully they're here to stay for a long and glorious time, because with "From The Storm" Lion's Law produced a stormer I want to hear much more of in the future! Superb!


Review by: Mano

Lion's Law - From The Storm

Contra Records


Yes I know, Mano wrote a review on this one already. But since we we’re both looking forward to this album, we decided it might be cool to both write a review on this one.


Lion’s Law has been one of my favourite European Oi bands since their first 7” and judging on the song “Liar”, which is on youtube for a few months now, and what I heard live, their newer material is a step harder and more aggro than the previous stuff. Should fit me perfectly! And it did.


While listening it the first time, the first song “Sons of Oi” felt straightaway like I got hit in the face by a brick. I love it when a record kicks in with one of the strongest song of the album (at least in my opinion). It’s followed perfectly by  “Otherwise” , a song with more a rock n roll vibe in it. Well, I can name all songs, but let’s just say that this album  has it all. Singalongs like “Last Train Home” & “Give Back the Glory”, harder stuff like “Liar”, songs like “Trapped” which is more a typical Lion’s Law song, melodic like “Way of Life” & “Under The Earth” etc. Catchy vocals combined with melodic guitar and awesome bass lines topped off with some drums that contribute a lot to the more aggro sound of the record.


Lion’s Law did what I hoped for and maybe even a bit better. I’m pretty sure this album will end in my top 3 of favourite records this year!


Review by: Noot