Lion’s Law – Zonard

Une Vie Pour Rien? Vinyles


One mini-album, two full-lengths and numerous of (split-)singles and EP’s have been produced since the formation of Parisian’s giants Lion’s Law in 2012. But despite being from France, this powerhouse never recorded a full song in their native language – let alone release a record completely sung in French! Until now that is...


Because like a bolt out of the blue the release of the “Zonard” EP was announced! Now a new Lion’s Law record is always welcome – especially when it has been over a year since their last – but it especially is when not one, not two, but all three of the songs on it are in French! In its own habitat, the lion and its roar obviously sounds more naturally – instantly making this 7” one of my favorite Lion’s Law releases!


Aside of being completely sung in the band’s native tongue, title-track “Zonard” and its B-side with “Déjà Mort” and “En Rester Là” sounds like Lion’s Law through and through with its strong vocals, powerful sound, superb melodies and the return of the legendary TDK – Thomas de Komintern Sect! So even international fans who only got into Lion’s Law due to their English lyrics – no, not you or me, but you know they are out there – got nothing to worry about and can buy this killer EP blind!


No limited sleeves, no colored vinyl – just pure impact! Out next week (22nd of December, 2018) through – who else then – Une Vie Pour Rien? Vinyles – killer!