Machette - Deal With The Devil

High Castle Tapes / Hardcoretrooper Records / Milik


Born out of the ashes of Tromatized Youth, Slamface, Nantes Resilience and more is Machette, a French hardcore that was formed exactly - give or take - seven years ago. Now I must admit, I never heard of any of the bands listed before and yes, this includes the band this review is about! But with that being said, “Deal With The Devil” is a more than proper introduction to these mad men from Nantes, France!


Mixing hardcore with heavy thrash influences, Machette’s sophomore album “Deal With The Devil” brings you a loud, barbarous wall of sound! Kicking the pedal down to the metal like a driver with some serious road rage, the French can also easily break it down, step on the brakes and slam the living daylight out of you! Obviously all of this is accompanied by chainsaw riffs, killer guitar leads and evil vocals of frontman Kévin!


Machette stomps out one vile, brutish anthem after another with ruthless tracks like “Man Hunting”, title-track “Deal With The Devil”, “Manifest Of Hate”, “Street Cleaner”, “Norwegian Stomp”, “Violence On The Street”, “The Killer” and last, though certainly not least, “Tortured Spirit”. The musical ending, topped by a weird outro, might just make the latter my favorite track of crude savagery that is titled “Deal With The Devil”!


"Deal With The Devil” is available on cassette (50 copies) through High Castle Tapes, while Hardcoretrooper Records and Milik took care of the vinyl (203 copies) and CD (300 copies). Killer!