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Mata-Ratos – Sente O Ódio

Voraus Records / Violent Youth Records


Be it in a variety of line-up changes, it’s pretty safe to say that Mata-Ratos is one of – if not the longest running Oi!-punk outfit of Portugal! Going at it since 1982, the radioactive rockers released nearly a dozen of full-lengths already, though only a handful of them were released on vinyl – unfortunately!


Mata-Ratos’ fourth full-length “Sente O Ódio” was one of those albums that only appeared on CD. Recorded back in 1997, it wasn’t until 1999 that Alarm! Records released that disc, and now – well over two decades later – it’s finally out on 12 inches of wax! Thanks to Voraus Records and Violent Youth Records, the 20th anniversary (give or take) of “Sente O Ódio” is celebrated with a release on limited black vinyl (300 copies total) and comes with all new, redone artwork. And of course the album itself got completely remastered as well, making “Sente O Ódio” look and sound better than ever before!


Other than that it’s still the same cult-classic of the late 90’s that – at the time – contained twelve new tracks and a live version of “Resposta Simples” - which originally appeared on 1995’s “Estás Aqui… Estás Ali...” CD. The hardcore influenced Oi!-punk rouses out of your speakers like it was just yesterday and songs like title-track “Sente O Ódio”, “Lei Da Selva”, “Festa Tribal”, “Revolta Do Tédio”, “Perto Do Fim” and “IV Reich” still sound great until this very day! Even greater actually, thanks to that remaster, making this first ever issue on vinyl a must for both newcomers and life-long fans alike!

Therefore it doesn't really matter if you own an original copy or not, simply because this LP version is the one you want. So secure yourself a slice of restored, Portuguese Oi!-punk history and pick up Mata-Ratos' "Sente O Ódio" LP today!

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