Bambule Recordz / Shout Proud Records


Before the debut EP of MEAN STREAK, simply titled “MEAN STREAK E.P.”, went up for order I didn’t have a clue what this new, British band would sound like. But hey, with (ex-)members of the 4-Skins, The Elite, The Crack, The Blood, Combat 84, The Exploited and The Straps – now holy shit, that’s a list right there(!) – in its ranks you can’t go wrong right? Right!


I’ve regularly praised new English bands, like Crown Court and B-Squadron, for reviving that classic British Oi! sound. But these veterans show that the old firm can easily stand their ground as well with this hard-hitting, brutal debut EP!


Angrier, and perhaps better than ever before, Gary (Hodges) gnarls his way around one powerful anthem after another! Sounding British – and therefor classic – through and through, MEAN STREAK delivers a strong, thunderous sound that instantly takes you back to the glory days, but with a killer production as you would expect in the year 2018! “Mean Streak”, “See No Evil”, “Still Angry”, “You Don’t Know Me” – it’s one knock-out after another, making the return of these vets one that comes with a big, loud bang!


An absolute must for fans of the classic sound that comes on either black vinyl (400 copies, Bambule Recordz – making this the debut release of this label as well by the way) or as a limited edition release on white vinyl (100 copies, Shout Proud Records). Get this!