Mob Rule - S/T EP

Crowd Control Media / Last Punkrockers Records


With the three tracks of Mob Rule’s, self-titled, debut EP being recorded well over a year ago, they were indeed one of Sacramento’s “best kept secrets”. Because with the exception of their appearance on the “California Scene Report”-sampler earlier this year, no one snatched these guys up the moment their first EP, initially entitled “The 3rd Estate”, appeared on Bandcamp.


But obviously until now! Because once again Crowd Control Media and Last Punkrockers Records combined forces to make Mob Rule less of a secret. They grabbed the digital release, dropped one of the tracks (“Could Be Worse”), heavily polished up the artwork and threw the remaining three tracks on limited black (50 copies) and fancy gold / green (273 copies) vinyl, a beautiful transformation from a boring Bandcamp account to a real-deal-release!


Because with the music was nothing wrong to begin with. Especially the A-side, with “Shot In The Foot” and “Rise”, is bang on with its streetpunk influenced, melodic punk-rock! I am really digging the melodies guitarist Mike cranks out of his instrument, but also as a whole these two tracks are spot on and worth alone the purchase! The B-side, containing the song “Sick”, is a little weaker in my opinion. Not catching up with the level of the flipside, it are mainly the vocals during the verse that can’t fully convince me.


But that is just my opinion of course, because otherwise I have nothing to complain. If you like your punk-rock melodic, but streetwise, check out Mob Rule, you won’t be disappointed!