Mortalis - Enemigos

Mendeku Diskak


Initially Mortalis’ debut EP “Enemigos” was released on Bandcamp and - supposedly - self-released on cassette through the band’s own Quinceavo Asalto Records. Now I can’t confirm the latter, I never had my hands on a physical copy - nor did I ever spot a photo of it, but I can confirm I’ve been excited about this EP ever since I first heard it online! Luckily Mendeku Diskak now delivers offline as well with the release of “Enemigos” on either black or clear red vinyl!


The reason I’ve been excited about this release from the get go, is because these Mexicans bring a heavy, hard-hitting sound to the table where Oi! gets mixed with hints of rock and metal - and Mortalis delivers with sheer power! Sure production - though probably mastering - wise it could sound even heavier, but musically the band is already a true powerhouse of which I expect great things from in the near future!


But first things first - “Enemigos”! With four songs total - namely “Mortalis”, “Enemigos”, “La Rebelión” and “Ilusiones” - this EP is a killer debut with a thunderous rhythm section, rip roaring riffs and clean, vile vocals of front man Marco! With exception of the short, fast title-track, the remainder of the songs on this EP are hard-hitting, mid-tempo anthems filled with power - only making you wish this record lasted longer than the nine or so minutes it is now!


Topped off with some great artwork on both the front and the track (respectively by Skins4Skins’ Ali and Robber Rios), the record is housed in a nice, thick fold-out sleeve and is limited to 540 copies total - 165 on clear red vinyl, while the remaining 375 copies are on black vinyl. All in all an excellent debut through and through!