Nazi Dogs / 7er Jungs - Spit Spit Spit / Stuka Löve

Wanda Records


In the summer Germany’s Wanda Records released the split EP between the Nazi Dogs and 7er Jungs on 150 copies of blue vinyl and 150 copies of pretty in pink vinyl. I finally got a hold of the tracks (danke schön Markus!), so it’s time to get this review going!


Aachen’s very own three-chord wonders, the Nazi Dogs, belong to Wanda Records’ furniture by now. The band released three EP’s and a full-length for the label in the past seven years and now this split 7” can be included to the catalog. The band delivers “Spit Spit Spit”, a snotty, ’77-era punk rocker that makes a perfect addition to the Dogs’ setlist!


On the flipside you’ll find the blitzbeat bombers from Cologne, 7er Jungs, bringing you more of that “Stuka Löve”! These guys are on top of the bill when it comes down to releasing (split) EP’s, this is already number eight since 2010(!), but they’re also on top of the bill when it comes down to the sounds they produce and this air-attack ain’t no exception! Somber, adrenaline fueled, kneipenschlager rock ‘n’ roll is what these Rhein-river skinheads are best known for and “Stuka Löve” can definitely be added to my list of favorite 7er Jungs tunes!


Unfortunately there’s only one track by each band on this split single, but nonetheless it makes a great 45 that is evenly devided by two rockin’ German krautfits!