Núcleo Duro – Botas

Forҫa Bruta Discos


Straight from the terraces of Sporting C.P. comes Núcleo Duro, a band of old school hooligans that has been running a riot since their formation in 2010! Recently the band released their fourth EP “Botas”, which happens to be a violent masterpiece by the ultras from Lisbon!


Though I might have known this band already through the third volume of the “Som Das Ruas” compilation, I have to admit that this is my first real introduction to Núcleo Duro – but what an introduction it is! With the sound of the boots go marching in, the intimidating guitar-sound in the intro of opener/title-track “Botas” immediately sets the tone for the rest of the record – which is vile and dangerous, instantly grabbing you by the throat!


Completely sung in their native tongue, the band fights its way through the aforementioned “Botas”, “Sempre A Combator”, “Freak” and “Curva Sul”, taking no prisoners whatsoever! The heavy, barbaric Oi! music is brought with tough as nails vocals, massive chants, thunderous bass and drums and sick guitars, while the significant, trademark use of a keyboard gives Núcleo Duro’s sound an even darker atmosphere then it already has – holy crap this is good!


Unfortunately – at least for the most of you – this is an extremely limited pressing, just like Núcleo Duro’s previous three EP’s. Only 119 total, of which 69 come in a black cover variant, while a measly 50 copies come in the green cover variant – the underground of the underground! Despite that, this EP is 100% yearlist material, thanks to the sheer brutality and superb melodies! So don’t hesitate when you can get a hold of a copy!