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Nevsky Stompers - Сделано в России (Made In Russia)

Tough Ain’t Enough Records / Mangy Little Mut Records


Whether it be a demo cassette, or one of their two CD’s, St. Petersburg’s Nevsky Stompers never seem to disappoint. But none of their recordings got released on vinyl so far, or outside the motherland of Russia for that matter, until now that is! Because the latest EP by these rowdy Russians, of which the title translates to “Made In Russia”, is not just released by their fellow countrymen of Mangy Little Mut Records, but it’s co-released with Tough Ain’t Enough Records – from indeed: Madrid, Spain.


Now you can wonder how a Spanish label wound up (co-)releasing a Russian band that only records songs in Russian, but as I wrote – the Nevsky Stompers never seem to disappoint, and this 7” is no exception! Again, all four songs on “Made In Russia” are in the band’s native tongue, though you couldn’t really expect anything less with a title like that, right? Don’t let the language barrier stop you from checking these lads out though, because musically the Stompers put everything you are looking for in their sound: pride, passion and a whole lot of power!


One by one, “Made In Russia”, “War Drums”, Battle’s Fury” and “Cold Land” are tough as nails anthems, all both catchy and forceful at the same time. The rhythm section is solid, but guitarist Alexander’s guitar-work is simply amazing with its powerful melodies, assaultive riffs and hard rockin’ (mini-)solos. And while Roman’s superb lead-vocals top it off with just the right amount of rasp in his voice, the strong gang vocals on the choruses have you singing along in no-time! At least, if you are Russian. Otherwise it will just be in some weird, made-up language. But you will be singing out loud, that’s for sure!


“Made In Russia” is yet another cracking release by the Nevsky Stompers that is bound to leave its boot prints not just in Russia, but across the rest of Europe and the world as well! Back to back a killer EP!

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