No Heart / The Opposition – Split 12”

Bords De Seine / Longshot Music


With some songs recorded nearly a year ago, it is safe to say that this Canadian – Australian split 12” between No Heart and The Opposition has been in the works for quite a while. But at last, the wait is over as this slab of wax is finally available (November 2017) through Longshot Music and Bords De Seine and to cut straight to the chase – it was definitely worth the wait!


First up are the Canucks of No Heart. With Mike of Last Crusade, Thankless Graft and Off The Clock – three bands that I love – on guitar and vocal duties, it is almost needless to say that I am heavily into No Heart as well. All his bands pretty much had/have the same style and sound and these new scorchers, four total, are no exception! Raw, brutal music with clean guitars, vigorous guitar melodies/solos and Mike’s gnarling, evil vocals are making sure that “This Town”, “Shoot To Kill”, “Name Dropper” and “These Days” are one powerhouse after another, making their side of this 12” a killer follow-up to their self-titled debut single that was released earlier this year!


For the flipside we go down under for The Opposition’s debut, and what a first effort it is! With ex-members of RazorCut and Slick 46 in its ranks, the byrds and boys are obviously no strangers to you and me - something you definitely hear back in the four songs they contributed! Sure, Bel’s female lead-vocals are a little rocky on a line here and there, but overall she sounds great and it’s an absolute relief to hear some good, female-fronted Oi! with a rough edge. Especially if both the vocals (accent) and music (sound) have that typical, Australian touch we all love. “Wake Up” and “Generation Outta Control” are my favorites and if you loved the music of (earlier) RazorCut, you will love The Opposition as well!


All killer, no filler and some great artwork make this a superb split 12” that definitely needs to fill up a spot in your collection!