No Man's Land - The Way We Feel



Earlier this year Aggrobeat already treated us with the brand new album “No Way Back Home” by melodic Indonesian powerhouse No Man’s Land, but the fun isn’t over just yet! Because right before we turn into 2016 the Dutch – Indonesian connection unleashed yet another release in the form of the “The Way We Feel” EP!


The title-track featured on the A-side was actually released on CD already in 2012 when Aggrobeat released the 28-track(!) No Man’s Land compilation “The Best Of 1994 – 2012”. With an hefty tracklist like that, it is quite possible you might not have heard “The Way We Feel” as much as you actually turned this compact disc on as it was the last track of this compilation. Although it was certainly not the least track (mind you that this compilation CD is absolute killer!), it’s definitely not my favorite No Man’s Land song, mainly due the guest vocals of Chloe WZM. I don’t mind her vocals in the chorus, but her lead vocals just don’t cut it for me.


The B-side contains two new tracks, “Lion’s Roar” and “Practice What You Preach”, that were exclusively recorded for this EP and that bring the No Man’s Land sound that I love. Pounding, machine-like drums, rough vocals, big sing-alongs and a ton of melody! Great songs in the same vein of last year’s tracks on the split EP’s with The Young’s Boot and Surgery Without Research that definitely make it worth to pick this record up!


“The Way We Feel” comes in a fold out, handnumbered, sleeve and is limited to 300 copies on black vinyl