No More Lies - Nessun Rimorso



Featuring members of outfits such as Payback, Southern Drinkstruction and Disgusto, No More Lies is a brand new hardcore outfit out of Rome, Italy who formed at the beginning of this year (2015). With the self-released, I reckon demo, “Nessun Rimorso”, this four-piece wants to put themselves on the map with a heavy dose of metal and Oi! music thrown into their mix of S.P.Q.R. HC!


Writing the above description up I immediately felt like I was introducing another Italian band, Plakkaggio, though in reality both bands don’t have too much in common. Yes, both bands come from the same country and yes, both bands sing in their native tongue, but when it comes down to the music No More Lies holds on much tighter to its hardcore fundament, despite the mentioned influences.


Including the in –and outro, No More Lies delivers eight tracks of heavy, fast-paced, furious outbursts of rage on their debut “Nessun Rimorso”. Influenced by the likes of Cro Mags, Death Before Dishonor and Wisdom In Chains, these four lads definitely deliver a hard as nails mix of power and anger, bound to leave your living room, or your listening place of choice, demolished!


Despite that “Nessun Rimorso” is self-released, and not a factory pressed product, they still put some work into the artwork and packaging making it a nice addition to the CD-collection!