No Parole - S/T EP

Mad At The World Records


A couple of months ago No Parole pretty much came out of nowhere with a raw, uncompromising, but very promising demo. That was then and this is now, because the Jersey delinquents already got another four tracks on reel for their debut EP, set for release later this year through Mad At The World Records!


Compared to the band’s demo the pace in their music seems to be slowed down a bit, automatically giving the tracks more length in duration and more width in sound. Opener “No Parole” is still a pretty straight forward stomper, but the remaining three tracks; “Real Life”, “Rumor Mill” and “Grey Skies”, really got that threatening, aggravated feel to it with a sound that reminds me of British glory of the 80’s mixed with a bit of that New York City rawness made notorious by hard hitters such as Oxblood and First Strike.


Therefor I can’t wait to get my hands on this slab of wax. The artwork looks sick and despite that the hardcore and punk influences from the demo seem to be pushed to the side, it leaves a banging Oi! EP that puts in the boot hard and is ready to stir things up! Nice!