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The compilation ‘Pushing On’ by the highly appreciated Noi!se has been out on CD for a while no wand was a great way to listen to this band if your house lacked of an LP player. All releases prior to ‘Rising Tide’ are on this CD and overall it’s just a great disc if you had the vinyls or not. So why still a review if both material and the release are already a (few) year(s) old?


One of the reasons is these songs never get old, but the main reason is that ‘Pushing On’ is getting a vinyl release as well  in the upcoming weeks. Five different colours (black, red, blue, beer and black/white splatter LP’s) who are all very limited will come out in a week or two and will combine, just like the CD, the ‘Walk Besides EP’, the split EP with The Gestalts, the ‘This Is Who We Are’ 10”, my favourite Noi!se track to date ‘Idle Action’ from the ‘A Better Tomorrow’ compilation EP and ‘unreleased’ track ‘War’ from the band’s demo. Nothing new, but oh so great stuff! If this was a regular release instead of a collected works LP it would be one of the records of the year if you ask me!


If you haven’t picked up the CD, don’t have all their releases on vinyl yet, or have been hiding under a rock for the past few years this is, yet again, a great way to get your hands on all Noi!se recordings pre-‘Rising Tide’. Now we just have to hope these guys come out of the studio soon with a new full-length album under their belts!

Noi!se - Pushing On

Step-1 Music / Longshot Records

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