No Restraints / Day Drinker – Same Streets (Split EP)

Sunny Bastards

Up next on Sunny Bastards is a split EP between Italian outfit No Restraints and the Dutch debutants of Day Drinker! Each band provides two tracks on this slab of wax, so let’s get to it!

First up is No Restr... wait a minute, first up is Day Drinker! The labels were mixed up accidentally, making the Dutch-Belgian alliance – that features current members of The Reapers, Battlefield, The Cool Trick and Malad – debut two tracks sooner than expected with the demos’ favorite “Dying Breed” and the all new (or at least previously unreleased) “Disintegrating Nation” – two killer songs to say the least! Superb melodies and sheer power are the ingredients and Day Drinker mixes them into some fairly brilliant, working class punk rock influenced by the likes of Face To Face, No Use For A Name and Noi!se – love it!

Banned to the flipside are the Italians of No Restraints. The Oi! influenced streetcore band already debuted earlier this year with a split EP between them and Vienna’s old guard Spider Crew and now they’re already back with the all new “Our Warzone” (and its rip-roaring solo) and a fast-paced, skull-crackin’ cover of The Bruisers’ “Borrowed Time” – which turned out pretty fuckin’ solid if you ask me! But after two split EP’s it’s now time for your very own EP guys – bring it!

500 copies were made, 200 regular copies on black vinyl – 100 copies on milky clear vinyl, 100 copies on clear orange vinyl and Sunny Bastards’ exclusive (and trademark) 100 copies of vinyl pressed in an unique mix of random colors. Now go out and get one!