Off The Clock – Vic City Skins

LSM Vinyl / Wurley Bird Records


Ready for some pure grit from Canada? Well, you better be! Because the skins from Vic City – Off The Clock – are about to unleash their 12” debut for LSM Vinyl (previously known as Longshot Music, in case you didn’t know) and the recently established Wurley Bird Records – “Vic City Skins”!


Brought with pure aggro, Off The Clock rages through their eight-track debut like there is no tomorrow. Released on a 12” slab of wax, the full 17 (or so) minutes are all pressed on side A, while the B-side holds a screenprint. Limited to just 250 copies, this is easily one of the shortest runs LSM Vinyl – or Longshot Music for that matter – has ever produced on the LP format. Along with a simple, black and white sleeve and the brute force that bursts out of your speakers, this is in potential as cult as it could get.


Now if you downloaded last year’s digital demo, you might recognize a song or two, namely “Hell To Pay” and “Like You”. Re-recorded and well, you’ll also find another six, all new scorchers on this mini-LP! In line with the demo, Off The Clock’s sound is crude and hard-hitting, just the way we like it at’s HQ! “Locked Out”, “Glory”, “Tonight”, “Last Nerve” – just to name a few – are one by one “Vicious Attacks” by the “Vic City Skins” (ah, see what I did there?) and therefor welcomed additions to musical library!


The test presses have been approved and the artwork has been submitted to the pressing plant, meaning it will probably be out by the end of the year. So don’t blow all your money on Christmas presents, fireworks and what not – and save yourself a few (Canadian) bucks for this unpretentious, tough as nails record!