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(Interview by Gareth Postans aka Girth, introduction by Mano)

It's been a few years since Offside's last 12" - "Blood Money" - was released, but good news(!), because the Montreal outfit is about to drop their brand new mini-LP "Back To The Streets" on Double Turn Records! Time for a little chat with Scott Spencer, drummer of Offside (and many other outfits), thanks to Gareth!

First of all, who the hell are Offside for those unfamiliar with your work?

Offside is a hardcore band that started in 2015 from Montreal, Canada. 

Current members are me (Scott) on drums, Simon on vocals, Guillaume on Lead Guitar, Phil on Guitar and JF on Bass. 


We had many lineup changes, but this one has been consistent for the last 2 years. I also play drums in Force Majeure, La Gachette, Bruiserweight, and Will to Speak. 


You released a mini album last year - how's that gone down?

We release a two song promo tape to preview the upcoming EP. We haven't release anything since 2020, so it was good breath of fresh air, and the response has been great. 


Why are you so angry? Why not have a cup of tea and chill?

Tea is great, love me a good cup of old Earl Grey. Not to sound like a hippy, but anger and love are emotions we all go through in this life, which is defined by the choices we make . I kinda think the essence of hardcore is like a bomb that has just exploded. Nothing pretty and happy about it . I have never heard of smiling and being happy while a bomb is going off, you know what I mean lol ? 


Which bands from Montreal should we all be listening to?

Current hardcore bands from Montreal : Chain Block, Will To Speak, Scaramanga, Bruiserweight , Will to Speak, Prowl , Category 514 and Faze. 


Of course I gotta shout out homies: Beton Arme , Force Majeure, Ultra Razzia, La Gachette and The Prowlers. 


Which bands have you played with? Any memorable gigs?

We have been fortunate enough to share the stage with : Agnostic Front, Madball, Death Threat, Sheer Terror, No Warning , Comeback Kid , Slapshot and Cold As Life. Gig wise, two come to mind when we played New Jersey the first time about 5 years ago, it's the gig that convinced me to keep  the band going basically. We also played with Agnostic Front  in our hometown, meeting Roger Miret was a really cool moment , meeting  and sharing the stage with your heroes in a sold out show, those moments resonate forever in me. 


Is Hardcore coming back or do you feel it never went away?

Definitely, there was a cool off period 5 years before Covid, easy. 


Currently, I believe it's never been as big.  There is action on all fronts, festivals, bands releasing records, all locals shows are doing well.  It's a good time to start a hardcore band, lol !  


Offside - do you have any songs about football or the hot topic VAR?

No songs about Sports at all. But we do love hockey!


Any plans to come to Europe to do some shows?

Yes, definitely in the plans. I am hoping we can get something going between the fall of 2023 and sometime 2024. Last we went was 2019, and the response was very good. Its overdue and we will make it happen.


What merchandise do you guys have available?

We have it all. Shirts, hoodies, tapes, EP'S and beer mugs.

We have a big cartel store, and we ship worldwide. 

Link :


Are Offside a straight edge, vegan unit or do you like smoking the bufo?

Offside is not a straight edge band, but our biggest influences are from edge bands like: Ten Yard Fight and Floorpunch. 

Simon, the vocalist is vegan. He makes us killer burritos when we have gigs out of town. 


Who is the best and most important hardcore band of all time?

Tough call to be honest, although record wise, Age of Quarrel by Cro Mags , hands down, the most important record in hardcore history in my eyes. 


Why does everyone love Canadians so much? 

I don't know, I think it has to do with us being so goddamn polite lol.


Did Hatebreed try and ruin hardcore? They seemed to make it really 'jocky'. 

Hatebreed is cool, of course there are known to be more mainstream bands these days. But that band opened up a lot of doors for modern day hardcore. 


A whole generation got into hardcore because of that " Perseverance  " record. It inspired people to pick up a guitar and start a band of their own. I ain't talking shit about Hatebreed, that's for sure lol 


Which band (past or present) would you love to play with?

I would love to play a show with Death Threat again, Pain of Truth is currently my favorite band in the new breed of hardcore. I am a big fan of Vitamin X from Holland,  that would be a good gig for sure. Street Power from Boston, Time Heist in Colorado. Big Cheese in England. Bulldoze from NYC are back as well . Neighborhood Shit from Boston, might as well mention Blood for Blood. There are so many...


Any final words of wisdom?

Our new EP- Back to The Streets is currently out on all platforms and it will be available on vinyl April 7th. 

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