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(Interview by Gareth Postans aka Girth, introduction by Mano)

Late last year Oil!'s sophomore album "Really Skrewed Up" finally saw the light of day through Contra Records - so time for a laugh (mostly) and say (barely) with the ladly lads from Bovver Beach! Thanks to Gareth for taking this hilarious interview!

How are you?
Other than sitting around getting fat to answer fake news stapress questions, brilliant! 

I have some questions for you...
Macho Baracho:
Great! We need to bust out the Ouija board so Lubin can call in from Valhalla! He passed to the great beyond while taking a piss and accidentally hitting an exposed circuit at a SKinheads Against Trees! (S.H.A.T.) rally. So at least he went out on his own terms and with his boots on! 

What was the idea behind Oil! When did you guys start?
Macho Baracho:
Oil! comes from dinosaur fingers. So we started 873 years ago. 
Clockworkkid: Macho hit the nail on the head. First the earth cooled. And then the dinosaurs came, but they got too big and fat, so they all died and they turned into oil. And then the Arabs came and they bought Mercedes-Benzes. And Prince Charles started wearing all of Lady Di's clothes. I couldn't believe it!
Ian Stuart’s Ghost: Do you  remember in the summer, back in 1978?
Macho: Only problem with the Ouija board. Ya never know who’s gonna show up to these things! 

Corporal Boots: The idea behind oil! is mostly suss, some bovver, lots of unity, but not the sussed unity, more the clockwork unity that the lads suss. As far as the actual start of the band, it was back in primary school. Me and some unity mates bovvered to a football game instead of going to class. We took me mate Cameron's dad's ferrari 250 gt California to the game. Cameron's dad knew how many miles were on it, so we had to drive it in reverse to take the miles off the car. The rest is history. 

Are you an American Hard Skin or were you the original Oi! band? 
Of course we’re American hard skins. Who would want to be an American soft skin for fucks sake! Now, I’ll point that last question right back at you. Are we the original Oi! band? I would say it’s highly probable. 
Brain Catharsis: This band is a metaphor for radical disambiguation! 

You have two albums out - the first one 'The Glory of Honour' is full on fists in the air. Did you have any trouble with the local punks when this came out? I'm thinking 'Clockwork Violence, Left Wing Silence'...
We’ve had all sorts of problems with local punks, primarily due to the fact that they refuse to attend our gigs in order to be on the receiving end of a double steel toe like true patriots. 
Lubin: Not really, but I’m glad you brought that up. That song was written about everyone’s favorite nanny, Mary Poppins. Why do punks hate Mary Poppins? Beats me. They’re weirdos. You’ll have to ask one of them.
Macho Baracho: Only if you have a problem with winning fights
Ian Stuart’s Ghost: Four years on and they still ain't learned, that the skinhead way of life is getting stronger every day.

Corporal Boots: Only this one wee lad who had no suss. He was the local paperboy and he was always trying to get his two dollars from us. Then Ricky's mom blew up after i ski'd the K12.

Just how long have you guys been on the dole?
Longer than your moms been on me. FYI, that’s a really long time mate. 
Macho Baracho: I’ve loved  the pineapple blood orange mix since i was a kid.
Lubin: I had a psychotic break when Rona closed down all the pubs and have been on SSI ever since.

Corporal Boots: That started  when my mate vern wanted to go see a dead body, but that dude from the lost boys pulled a knife on us. 

I know you covered 'Pulling on the boots' from Romper Stomper. What's the worst/best 'Skinhead' movie in your opinion?
The worst ‘skinhead’ movie is probably ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. It’s totally inaccurate. The best is either Kung Fury or Clash of the Titans.
Clockworkkid: The best skinhead movie is that documentary from 1982 called Conan the Barbarian. The worst...Bon Voyage Charlie Brown (and don’t come back!)
Macho Baracho: Braveheart or Back to The Future are the best. Worst is easily the Notebook

Corporal Boots: I don't watch movies.

How many gigs have you played over the years and why never in the UK/Europe?
Macho Baracho:
It’s hard to keep track, i don’t know maybe…..2? 
Lubin: Yes, we’ve played thousands of shows over the years, all over the world, all over the universe, everywhere except the UK/Europe. Mainly because their food is terrible. We may be Skinheads from Outer Space but we still have great taste!
Clockworkkid: 3-4. We we’re planning a European invasion but it’s hard to compete with the new season of the Bachelor!

Corporal Boots: I forget. call our manager he'll tell you. 415.794.6028 

How has the band survived lockdown without going insane/breaking up?
I already told you. I DID go crazy. But now the bars are open again so I’m ok now.
Clockworkkid: A strict regiment of jumping jacks and wheaties. Not seeing each other in person has helped us grow as a band honestly.
Macho Baracho: Burpies, Sex, Grindr, and sex. 
Ian Stuart’s Ghost: I quit last year because I found out Clockworkkid is part Mexican!

Corporal Boots: So tough. the past 20 years has been non stop touring, gigs, writing songs etc. the lockdown has made it entirely different for us 

You re-released 'Really Skrewed Up' which is a classic. What happened to the earlier version and why keep this in the locker until 2020?
To set the record straight because rumors carry more weight than the truth, this is the first release of Really Skrewed Up. The owner of the label that was supposed to put it out committed suicide. 
Macho Buracho: Prison.
Lubin: Shortly after Oil! recorded RSU, we went on a 17-year intergalactic tour. But before we left someone leaked the unfinished album and threw it on Myspace (most likely Private Skick). We didn’t know about that until we had already blasted off for the tour. Anyways, while on that tour we stopped off at Planet 2343-69 and met up with the guys who mixed and mastered the first 4 ABBA albums. We’re big fans and asked them if they’d mix and master RSU. They agreed, and 17 years later we now have the #1 Oi! Record in the world! 
Macho Buracho: Rumors?!?! That dude from The cathedralites? We still talking about that limp wristed funny boy?

Corporal Boots: We got a great deal on a locker. figured we'd leave it in there to maximize our capital and unite the unity

Where exactly is 'Bovver Beach?' 
It’s a skinhead retreat where they never actually retreat because skinheads never retreat! 
Macho Buracho: Locals Only 
Ian Stuart’s Ghost: A place in the land of the gods!
Clockworkkid: It’s all very existential you see.

Corporal Boots: Cayucos, California 

As beer quaffers - which brands do you ask for on your rider? Will we see Oil! on a Carlsberg advert any time soon?
Listen, we’re a tolerant lot but calling us “quaffers” is begging for a steel toe fist! But we might team up with Carl from the Templar’s. So I suppose the answer is yes.
Macho Baracho: Budweiser, Brots and Brazzers
Lubin: Ewwww, gross no! I only drink Bud. And Cazadores. And Guinness. And peppermint schnapps. And White Claw to keep my trim waist.
Clockworkkid: White Claw! Now there’s a refreshing summer beverage! 
Macho Buracho: Dylan Ryder is pretty cool

Corporal Boots: I quaffer budweiser. and modern day suck offs.

Which bands do you have beef with? Are you friends/enemies of the infamous 'Pink Panzer?'
I’m a vegetarian due to colorectal disjunction. So no beef on the menu for me sadly. As for tanks, I’m strictly an A-1 Abrams man.
Lubin: We don’t have beefs with any bands. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so it’s kinda hard to be upset at any of the many bands that try to copy us.
Macho Baracho: CODE 415!!!!!!!!!!! Matt tried to kiss a girl in front of me once.

Corporal Boots: Beef with the Barbaric Thugs from Frank The Tank Records, Jeff Glave and the Cartwheeling Buttsniffers, the Sussed-Penders, the Sabby-Takes-It-In-tThe--Asses, Lager Lad Larry Lasso and the Levitating Lava Lads, Oi! The Band, Slayer, the Cow Ninjas, and Seal. 

Is it hard working 400 hours a week and signing on? How do you do it? 
I don’t know how anyone could NOT do it and still live with themselves.
Clockworkkid: I’m with Lubin on this. So amen brother! The real question is how does one not? 
Macho Baracho: HUh?

Corporal Boots: Check out these lyrics: "Steel toes are so proud, we are bootboys our thoats is loud; USA is the place for lunch, Oi! Oi! Oi! kick boots punch".

Does Oil! look forward to the day lockdown ends and we call all rejoice under a 'Viking Sunset?'
Not really. I don’t miss all the silly cunts out there. 
Macho Baracho: Sunsets are for girls and people with weak hands. 
Clockworkkid: I believe the proper phraseology is “small hands”. 
Macho Buracho: If I said it once I’ve said it 4 times! Weak hands are different than small hands. Small means small. Weak means weak and small. No more fights this morning.
Lubin: These questions are starting to sound like you’re making fun of us. Are you making fun of us? You better not be making fun of us. 
Clockworkkid: Yeah mate! We get that your British but stay in your lane! If
You cross the double yellow line there will be hell to pay! Next question! 

Corporal Boots: Miss Howard is a coward who sits behind her desk, and watches the girls get undressed. She teaches ancient history class, while she jams a dildo up her ass.

Aside from Oil!, who are the ultimate Oi! band? 
Macho Baracho: Oil! 
Ian Stuart’s Ghost: Oil! 
Lubin: Kraftwerk! 

Corporal Boots: Call our manager and axe him 415.794.6028.

What does the future hold for Oil?
A new album and tour in ’22! 
Clockworkkid: If all goes according to plan probably about the same as what the past has held. It also looks like J Lo is back on the market so I’m gonna be polishing up my boots! 
Macho Baracho: Tomorrow
Ian Stuart’s Ghost: Well when I get bored, Got nothing to do I’m gonna dial your number I'm gonna ask for you!

Corporal Boots: We'll be in Europe May/June 2022 so hide your wives and weiner schnitzels cuz we're fucking everything.


Any last words?
Accept the impossible but always expect the improbable! Keep your boots on the ground and keep reaching for Valhalla! 
Lubin: Oi! A new album and tour in ’22!
Macho Baracho: Tune your guitar and sharpen you sword, kiss me goodnight or cry to the lord.
Ian Stuart’s Ghost: Long blond hair, looks so good!

Corporal Boots: Cock balls.

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