Old Bobby - Моя Жизнь (My Life)

Clockwork Punk


From icy Moscow comes Old Bobby, a brand new outfit who established late last year (2017), but already presented their debut “Моя Жизнь” – which translates to “My Life” – several months after their formation! Now the EP, previously only available digitally through the band’s Bandcamp page, is released by Clockwork Punk on cassette, so time for a review!


On the cassette, of which only 50 were duplicated, you’ll find six crude stompers, completely sung in Russian. The songs, which translate to (something like) “My Life”, “No Unity”, “My Friends”, “Hipster”, “Only In Our Country” and “Internet Pussy”, give you a good 16 minutes and 36 seconds of hard-hitting, fast-paced Oi! Oi! music – Russian style!


Though opener “My Life” (“Моя Жизнь”) and “My Friends” (“Мои Друзья”) can be polished up a little more, the Muscovites deliver on the remaining four tracks with destructive drums, a metallic guitar sound and those raw, evil lead-vocals! My favorite is without a doubt the last – and longest – of them all “Internet Pussy” (“Интернет Пиздабол”) – good stuff!


There are still some copies of this tape available, but with 50 made they won’t last forever. If you’re a fan of what Clockwork Punk is doing, you definitely want to keep your collection complete with this release!