Oldfashioned Ideas – Still Worth Fighting For

Contra Records


Like clockwork or just a coincidence? It could be either way, but fact is that the Swedes of Oldfashioned Ideas have released a full-length every two years since 2010’s debut “We’re In This Shit Together”. 2012 delivered “Promises Mean Nothing”, 2014 brought “Don’t Believe A Word They Say”, two years ago we saw the release of “Another Side To Every Story”, while 2018 possibly brings their best work to date – the “Still Worth Fighting For” LP!


Released by Contra Records, the Swedes slipped their latest slab of wax into the same, uniform-like sleeve similar to their previous LP’s, which is something I personally love. Released on black (200 copies) –and blue vinyl (300 copies), “Still Worth Fighting For” is pure sing-along galore, bringing you hit after hit after hit!


Kicking out some more of that raw and rowdy sound, Oldfashioned Ideas provides 13 new anthems you simply can’t stop listening to! Maybe it’s the aggressive vocals or the massive choruses, but it could also be the additional female back-up vocals or that subtle implementation of a horn-section - whatever it is (though most likely a combination of it all), it’s making “Still Worth Fighting For” contagious as hell! “Trouble Ahead”, “Let Them Know”, “No Go Down”, “C’mon C’mon”... literally every song on here will have you singing along in no-time – great stuff!


Catchy, rough and aggro Oi!-punk – the Swedes delivered again! If you like their previous records, you will love “Still Worth Fighting For”!