Oldfashioned Ideas – Skallen In I Väggen

Contra Records


Now with the exception of 2013’s “Hopp & Förtvivlan” EP for Pretty Shitty Town Records, Oldfashioned Ideas never recorded another release in their native tongue, let alone a full-length... until now that is! Because two years after the hard-hitting “Still Worth Fighting For” LP, the oldfashioned Oi! punks are back with their first ever album in Swedish – “Skallen In I Väggen”!


To stay in the Swedish theme, Contra Records released this record not just on black wax (200 copies), but on both blue (200 copies) and yellow (100 copies) vinyl as well – though the latter is strictly available in Sweden – lucky bastards!


Now people who might come back to this page every once in a while, know that I highly prefer bands to sing in their own language. Yet Oldfashioned Ideas has always been a favorite of mine when it comes down to boisterous Oi!-punk, despite the dozens (and dozens) of English tracks released prior to this LP. Therefor “Skallen In I Väggen” is a match made in heaven, because just like 2013’s EP – it all just sounds a little more natural than usual, making me want to listen to this record over and over again.


Just like the band’s previous LP, the back-up vocals are done by Linda Byqvist (ex-The Bustups) and Jennie Carlander, among others. I point this out because their voices are somewhat on the foreground and obviously stand out from the other men providing back-up vocals – and I like that. I also like the usage of the trumpet (by the same Linda), saxophone, organ and piano on this album. It always gives that extra touch to it and as always it’s done with pure class on an Oldfashioned Ideas’ release!


So if you liked the band’s previous records, I am 100% sure you will love this LP! A must for any Oldfashioned Ideas fan or fans of thunderous Swedish Oi!-punk!