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On The Ropes – Demo

LSC Records


The last, though certainly not the least, review of LSC Records’ latest demo releases is about the latest project by Karl of Last Crusade and Hard Pressed. Taking care of all vocal, guitar and bass duties himself, Karl is accompanied by Graeme of Wednesday Night Heroes and No Problem on drums, bundling their powers to form the two-men army On The Ropes.


Musically On The Ropes sounds pretty much as Karl’s aforementioned bands. Is that a bad thing? Hell no! Regulars on this site know that I loved the raw, rowdy sound of both outfits and On The Ropes is no exception. With that being said, it’s also obvious that fans of The Templars, The Veros and The Clichés will get their kicks out of this demo, that quickly turned into one of my favorite tapes of the year!


With only three songs and a total playtime of little over seven minutes, this brickwall gem is over before you know it – unfortunately. Luckily the program repeats itself on the flipside of this cassette, but for obvious reasons I would have rather heard a few more originals by this two-headed Oi!-machine, because “On My Own”, “On The Ropes” and “Where We Belong” definitely taste like more!


Therefor I hope that On The Ropes will get out of its ‘project-phase’ and quickly becomes a real band that will keep it together longer than a year, or two, because without a doubt that is what these guys deserve! Superb!

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