One Voice – Skinhead For A Day

Sunny Bastards

Two years ago the Dutch-German friendship of One Voice debuted with the more than proper LP “Tradition Not Trend”, which got followed up earlier this year with a two-track split single between them and England’s Gimp Fist. Though I still need to review the split in question (which was sent to me together with this release), I decided to give the lads’ latest release a go first, the “Skinhead For A Day” EP on Sunny Bastards!

Featuring three tracks total, the A-side is fully covered with the extremely melodic, yet boisterous title-track “Skinhead For A Day”. Delivering more of that clean and classic sound, this song instantly became my new favorite One Voice track – and I haven’t even heard the B-side yet! The chorus is simple and therefor an easy sing-along, while the catchy and quite funny (or sad, depending how you look at it) lyrics top it off. Great track!

On to the flipside where you’ll find the songs “Don’t Panic” and “Everything I Own”. Now the latter is a cover by Bread – though I assume One Voice was influenced to do this, rather good cover, by Ken Boothe – while the first is a tribute to the band’s home away from home, the Don’t Panic in Essen, Germany. Undoubtedly this track would have come out of the band’s pen some day anyway, but with venues, clubs and bars still closed due to the global pandemic, an anthem like this is more than welcome these days!

As always with Sunny Bastards, “Skinhead For A Day” comes on a variety of colored vinyl – including the collector’s nightmare of 100 copies in a unique mix of colors, crazy bastards! Either way, get yourself a copy if you like “Tradition Not Trend”, because you will love this little EP!