Östra Aros – Stormvarning!

PST Records


Well you can’t say that Östra Aros didn’t warn you. Because with an album title that translates directly to ‘Storm Warming!’ you know that the shit will hit the fan – and yup, it does! The Swedes’ latest LP (and the band’s first release for) PST Records - “Stormvarning!” - is indeed a roaring thunderstorm that isn’t going to lay down anytime soon, at least not on my turntable!


What I loved about the band’s previous releases – 2017’s mini-album “Upsala”, 2019’s self-titled full-length and the “Blåsvarta Bröder” 45 from earlier this year – is that tough and scorching mix of Oi!, hardrock and rock ‘n’ roll. On “Stormvarning!” the Uppsala lads blend these styles into perfection, easily making this my favorite – and in my book the best – Östra Aros release to date!


In less than 30 minutes (the ‘total speltid’ is 29:20 to be more precise), the band cranks out eleven, hard rockin’ tunes that sound like a mix between Motörhead and Agent Bulldog! Östra Aros unleashes surprise after surprise and every track, from opener “Stormvarning” to closing track “Östra Aros Elit II”, is solid gold and an absolute must for fans of Swedish Oi! Music!


Housed in a sick looking gatefold sleeve, PST Records released 250 copies on solid black vinyl and 250 copies on beautiful, blue marbled vinyl. So make sure you get yourself a copy, because in all honesty – this isn’t just my favorite Östra Aros release, but one of my favorites of 2021 in general as well! Massive!