Out Of Order – Life Sentence

Randale Records / Bad Report Productions / Rebellion Records / 8 Up Records

Of course Out Of Order already gave a taste of things to come with that excellent split EP (with Bats Out!) for 8 Up Records, but all in all it’s a fact that the band’s last full-length, “Stuck In The Mud” (Randale Records) dates back to 2017. But finally - after three years and an additional two months due to horrendously slow movement of international parcels (Holidays and the rona) - the wait is over, as the Canadians ‘just’ released their fourth album – “Life Sentence”!

Released and/or distributed by Randale Records, Bad Report Productions, Rebellion Records and 8 Up Records, Out Of Order’s latest comes in a nice looking, single-pocket gatefold sleeve. Available on either black, red in red or clear vinyl with black and gold splatter, the vinyl is limited to 300 copies total – making me assume there were a 100 copies pressed of each variant. And though I am not 100% sure, I do know that this is one solid release – both physically and musically!

Unleashing a mix of fast-paced, ferocious punk rock bangers and anthemic, mid-paced sing-alongs, Out Of Order delivers the heat with a total of fourteen all new tracks! The band put three years of blood, sweat and tears into this album and that is something you can definitely hear back, as “Life Sentence” is undoubtedly their best full-length to date! Because of the aforementioned mix being about 50/50, there really is something for everyone on here – though I highly prefer those mid-paced, streetrock and rolling anthems myself!

Therefor it’s especially the B-side with tracks like “Colour Of The Rose”, “Winds”, “Hard Times”, “Wasted Days” and “Fate” that are an absolute treat, though “Berlin Wall” and title-track “Life Sentence” are great as well. This obviously doesn’t mean I dislike the fast songs and their often crazy bass lines, far from it. I mean, opening up franticly with the tracks “Camels” and “Blood” is golden. Out Of Order instantly grabs you by the throat with songs like that and in the end these guys do what they do best, playing loud and raucous music! Good stuff indeed!

So if you liked Out Of Order’s previous work, you will love “Life Sentence” – no doubt about it! And don’t you forget - it’s not a trend, it’s a life sentence and Out Of Order sits out its sentence loud, proud and punk!