Outreau - S/T EP 2015

Une Vie Pour Rien?


Parisian stompin’ crew Outreau kicked it off with a bang last year with their three-track debut for Une Vie Pour Rien? and Crom Records! Now the lads are back with a new track, “Spirit”, on the second “La Force Dans La Oi!” compilation 7” and yes, another (untitled) EP for Ben and his Une Vie Pour Rien? Vinyles!


This time around the mad men from Paris bust out four tracks of French rage! Tough as nails anthems with raw vocals, buzz saw riffs and razor sharp guitar solos follow each other up in a rapid pace, bound to make your fist clench and your face cover in anger! And all this while the band’s hardcore influences have been pushed more to the background, especially compared to Outreau’s first EP!


Because despite that, the band remained the ability to write short, powerful outbursts that are complete from head to toe! Especially a track like “Piece By Piece” is an absolute cracker with its ripping solo that will make the crowd go off the wall when performed live! But I don’t want to blank out the rest of the tracks, “Double Hate”, “No Justice” and “Room 101”, because this whole slab of wax is as solid as a rock!


So brace yourself and get ready for some more action by Outreau! Because the attached promo is absolutely right, if you like the first EP you will like this one even better! Hammer!