Oxid – Knights In Satan’s Service

R.ock A.gainst C.hristianity Productions


Straight from the dark south of Germany comes Oxid, a brand new outfit that rocks against Christianity with a vile and barbaric mix of Oi! and black metal! Coincidence – or not, but with both genres being favorites of mine, Oxid’s first demo “Knights In Satan’s Service” received a warm welcome in my collection!


Because this demo is not just available digitally (through Bandcamp), but was released on cassette as well. Mind you, only 50 copies were made and I have no clue if any are left – but you can always try and contact the band through team-oxid@web.de, as they are (or were) only available that way – so good luck with that!


Fortunately it is well worth it though, especially if you like raw and obscure noise like I do. Because when you manage to mix 80’s The Last Resort, Misfits’ “Earth A.D.” era and early Bathory into one crude and primitive, semi-lo-fi demo you tick all the boxes in my book, easily making me listen to these three tracks - “Blessed New Day”, “Knights In Satan’s Service” and “On Samhain Night” - over and over again!


So please, someone, get this – and hopefully more in the future – out on vinyl! Oxid rips!